New Feature Development- Mobile and Web App

Creating and maintaining a mobile or web app is an ongoing process that involves regularly introducing new features to keep the app competitive and engaging. Orafox, a Los Angeles-based app and website development company, excels in developing innovative features for both mobile and web platforms. This blog explores the process and importance of new feature development for mobile and web apps.

The Importance of New Feature Development

Enhancing User Experience: New features can significantly improve the user experience by introducing functionalities that make your app more useful and engaging.

Adapting to Trends: Integrating features that align with the latest trends, such as augmented reality or voice search, ensures your app remains relevant.

Increasing User Retention: Regular updates with new features keep users engaged and reduce churn rates.

Gaining a Competitive Edge: Offering unique functionalities can attract new users and give your app a competitive advantage.

The Process of New Feature Development

1. Planning and Understanding the Need:

  • Conduct thorough research to understand the requirements.
  • Define parameters such as cost, time frame, team strength, and necessary APIs.

2. Feasibility Sessions:

  • Hold discussions with backend and frontend teams to assess the feasibility of new features.
  • Identify whether new features can be integrated easily or require extensive changes.

3. Writing Automation:

  • Backend teams prepare mockups and frontend teams start building screens.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) teams write automated tests to ensure smooth future development.

4. Communication and Teamwork:

  • Ensure all team members are in sync.
  • Assign different sections of the product to different team members to save time and avoid repetition.

5. Development Environments:

  • Work on the same versions, tools, and libraries to avoid confusion and ensure consistency.

Mobile App vs Web App in New Feature Development in Web & Mobile app

Detailed Steps for New Feature Development

Step 1: What?

  • Conduct polls and gather feedback from users about new feature ideas.

Step 2: Why?

  • Determine the necessity of the new feature and design it to be scalable and user-friendly.

Step 3: How?

  • Explore options and create a proof of concept to check feasibility.

Step 4: Feedback:

  • Collect user feedback post-implementation and adjust as necessary.

Step 5: Feature Test:

  • Test the new feature in a safe environment before full release.

Step 6: Backup:

  • Ensure a complete backup of the application before going live.

Step 7: Hi World!

  • Launch the new feature and monitor its performance closely.

Step 8: Monitoring:

  • Vigilantly monitor the new feature and overall app performance after release.


Mobile App vs Web App in New Feature Development in Web & Mobile app


Developing new features for mobile and web apps is essential for staying competitive and enhancing user experience. Orafox’s expertise in app development ensures that your app evolves with innovative features that meet user needs and industry trends. By partnering with Orafox, you can leverage their experience and creativity to keep your app fresh, engaging, and ahead of the competition. For more information on Orafox’s mobile and web app development services, visit their services page