Redesigning the mobile app is the best fashion to update your brand and to lead the market.

There are hundreds and thousands of mobile apps in the world and new apps come up each day. It doesn’t take a user more than a second to uninstall the app that either doesn’t have an interactive user interface or is simply outdated.

Therefore, to maintain a good market standing for your mobile app, consider redesigning it.  Your end-users will be happier, sales numbers will soar, adding in new users and amplify brand visibility.

Redesigning is a New Phase

Redesigning apps should be carefully laid out, just like new feature development or new app development. Now to test the new and improved app, many apps have a testing community. This allows users to check new versions and give feedback. These tests help companies determine if they truly should update their apps at the moment. If you have several new ideas for your app’s redesign, you can do A/B testing to see which option is most embraced by customers. 

Communicating the Redesigned App

Another way to effectively launch your redesigned app is to communicate your updates. Users care a lot about changes in their favorite applications, it is a myth that they don’t notice. They are expecting you to fix some bugs, or introduce new features, or fresh look of the app altogether. To build trust and engagement it is important to let people know what’s happening with their favorite product/ service. On the contrary, if you roll out new releases without any notice or communicated well it may leave you users angry, confused or worst leaving a  1-star rating.

Now, if you accurately explain the value of your updates, you’ll notice better engagement in your app (Daily Active Users (DAU) & Monthly Active Users (MAU) can help you estimate that).

Benefits of Redesigning

1. Fill Gaps in the Existing App Design 

App Design

By redesigning our mobile app you can solve user challenges. It is important to integrate user feedback to enhance the mobile app experience.

2. Advanced Usability 

When you redesign your app, it gets the new look, superior functionality, and improved UX which users demand a lot in their day-to-day apps. The usability of an app can be justified with its usage, regular downloads, and stability of users’ devices. If these all work well, you can consider your app a successful venture. 

Redesigning a Mobile App

Redesigning an app improves an app’s usability potential and makes it a better version that users not only love but use it for long time frames. 

3. To meet Users’ Expectations

By redesigning the app’s user interface you can experiment with implementing new technologies in trend. Combining technologies in an app can make users’ enjoy the app more and eventually it becomes a top app in the market. 

Redesigning a Mobile App

Once you employ a UI redesign process you can make the target customers happy and convert them into your fixed customers for a long time. It will also be an added advantage for any app to amass new users.

4. Stay ahead in the competition

If you lack motivation or a little push, all you have to do is download your competitor’s app. See what they are doing, the user interface, user experience, etc. 

Redesigning a Mobile App

Get inspired by them, learn from their errors, and execute new features with a dash of your own. Remember Snapchat’s Stories features and how absolute fun they’re. And we all know who then followed its lead, i.e, Instagram, Facebook, and even Whatsapp. It is what you do with a feature and how creative you are with it!

Why do you need to redesign your mobile app?

Customers’ Requirements 

To satisfy the need of customers is the top reason to redesign your app integrating more advanced features. Creating a quality application experience can strengthen the community to run. Further, layering it with connections that speaks to the audience is also a primary focus for brands.

When you closely monitor audiences’ behavior with your app, you can get valued insights. What they like, what they don’t, complex features, etc. With this insight data, you will know that it’s time for you to add value to your mobile application.  Moreover, end-users can inspire a more meaningful connection with your community.

Powerful Market Presence

Mobile Application helps bridge the communication gap between customers and app owners. It is easier for the customer to submit feedback regarding any functionality of the app. 

Over time, when you continue to inculcate changes and redesign your app, you can build a very powerful market standing for your mobile application.

Enhance Your App’s Performance

As a developer, you want to build an app that is quick when navigating back and forth. If the app slows down, it is very irritating for the customers. The technology is always changing from when you built the app to its current state.

Redesigning helps you add promising tech and remove outdated features. This way you can improve your app’s performance and can give an amazing user experience to end-users and the mobile app can top the charts and score positive ratings.

To sum it up, it is important to plan your app’s redesign journey, as it can be either an unnecessary risk or a great success. If the decision for app redesigning results from careful study, there’s a high chance that it will bring reliable app performance, a greater retention rate, and increased sales. Are you considering redesigning your mobile application? At Orafox, we help you create designs that operate and bring money. Contact us and let’s redesign and rebuild your app.