Mobile App Lifecycle: A Step-by-Step Guide

Developing a successful mobile app involves a structured lifecycle that ensures the final product meets user expectations and business goals. Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide to the mobile app lifecycle: 1. Conceptualization and Planning Idea Generation: Identify a unique problem your app will solve or a specific need it will fulfill. Conduct brainstorming sessions to gather ideas and define the …

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8 Brilliant Mobile App Animations to enhance UX in 2020

Mobile app animations offer an intuitive app experience to users, it breaks the monotony and helps make great first impressions. There are over 2.96 million apps in Google Play Store as of June 2020 and 1.85 million apps in Apple’s App Store. Businesses are changing their strategies and more of them are investing in building an app.  Why some apps …

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How Do Free Mobile Apps Make Money? 6 Free App Monetization Strategies

Have you wondered how free apps make money? or What is the free apps monetization strategies used by developers/app owners to generate revenue and keep the app up and running? That word, free, alone is enough to grab the attention of millions all over the globe. We love free stuff, don’t we? And more than anything, we love free mobile …

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8 Things to Consider BEFORE Building Your Mobile App in 2020

Even if you are new in the world of mobile app development, understanding the market behavior and what influences people’s decisions is very important. Today what makes some apps a success and others a failure lies in special attention given to the process. The challenges in the development process of the app should be overcome and not skipped. You have …

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mistakes in mobile app development process

10 Mistakes to avoid during Mobile App Development

“Learn from the mistakes of others.” Eleanor Roosevelt. That’s how we grow, build and succeed. Personally and Professionally. The competition in the domain of mobile app development is tremendous. Some mobile applications work and some fail and some stay in the market for whatsoever reason.  As a mobile development company, with our experience, we have listed some red flags to …

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a person climbing on a rope to reach business goal. How mobile application can boost startup success.

Your Startup Needs a Mobile App. Here are 5 Reasons WHY?

A startup is being created almost every day now. Some succeed, some remain written on a tissue paper and some fail. No matter what the scene is, the startup graph is on the rise. If you wish to convert your solid idea into a startup, an important thing you should take note of is to create a mobile application for …

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